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Creating Time, the concept, came about after I read David Allen’s phenomenon Getting Things Done, and was left with the feeling that much was missing. GTD changed the way many people thought about time management, offering a systematic process for handling every input. GTD attracted a following so strong that websites were created and software written to explore, extend, and even to worship GTD.

Eventually, I discovered what was missing, for me, from GTD. First, GTD was too complex for most people to follow, including me. Even Gina Trapani, founder of the GTD-inspired, admits that she uses a simplified version of GTD. Second, GTD was a kind of tin man: it had no heart. Allen himself writes in the book that decisions about what to do with one’s time – the kinds of choices that would make the work of GTD worthwhile – are not addressed by GTD.

Creating Time addresses both of these gaps.

First, Creating Time attempts to impose no elaborate system on you. You will need to have a system, but the system is merely in service to the goal: to create time where there was no time. A simple system will work, and Creating Time has one, or you can use your own.

Second, Creating Time has heart. At its core is the philosophy that your use of time is a series of decisions, and that these decisions must be made based on your vision and your values.That is, you will have the motivation to create time if you know what you will do with the time you create.


You can download the Creating Time model and our do-it-yourself guides at our Downloads page. The Creating Time workshop outline can be found at our Workshops page. For information about bringing Creating Time into your organization, please contact us.