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Visual Space is a group facilitation technique in which participants meet for a defined purpose, set the agenda for themselves, organize themselves into groups, and explore concepts visually, usually on the walls (butcher paper works particularly well), and usually in large format. The working groups are mobile and ever-changing, driven by the interests and needs of the participants.

The facilitator’s first role is to describe the methodology and get the session started. During the session, the facilitator helps to keep everyone involved; pays attention to process, group dynamics, and the working environment; works to ensure forward momentum in the room; debriefs the learning and discoveries; documents and distributes the outcomes; and assures that action planning is completed.

Visual Space, first codified by Paul Reali and Chris Dewar, incorporates some of the best elements of other group facilitation and collaboration tools, including graphic facilitation, Open Space Technology, World Cafe, visual thinking, and others.

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Visual Space: overview [PDF]